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The new mobile friendly bias by Google has taken over the online community by storm and small companies around the world are dreading over it rather than embracing it. The recent (April 21) Google Algorithm update that instantly gained popularity as the “Mobilegeddon” or the “M Day” is actually the best thing that can happen to your brand’s SEO. So instead of blindly following the crowd, do something about it to turn things around to your advantage. Why should I care about this? Well, firstly it’s a Google update, the king of search.What Google says will most definitely impact your SEO. Also statistics tell thata majority of websites are still not mobile friendly.And this is annoying customers, Google’s most precious users.

Your Best Bet, Responsive Design.


This is in fact Google’s first preference. If you don’t have a responsive site yet, you might either have a separate one for mobile or nothing at all for the mobile. Either case, thenew updatecould badly hurt your ranking. There are various ways to go about optimizing for mobile, but then again you don’t have a lot of time to make a choice. Still again you don’t need to because the best thing for you is to go Responsive. Mobile comes in various different sizes, dimensions and resolutions. A responsive site will ensure your content is displayed coherently and quickly on any device that exists on this planet. If your data isn’t easy to read on certain devices or if it takes a little longer to load on certain others, your users will leave your website. So small businesses, responsive design isn’t just an added advantage anymore, you literally need it to survive and for Google to like you which let’s face it, are both the same thing.

A Deeper Inspection

Let’s talk numbers. 67% of mobile internet users indicated they would be more likely to purchase a product or service from a business that built a mobile friendly website. 61% of them also said that they’d leave a site that’s not mobile friendly. Now you do the math. If you fear mobile optimization out of financial constraint, you need to understand that it is an investment. You don’t have to create full-featured applications and websites for each device. Responsive web design makes it easy for you to devote your development time to your website with a great presence on mobile without any additional resources expended on mobile. That’s where you might make the mistake of spending more than you need to. Be smart about it and give your customers what they want without compromising.

What Is Special About this Update?

Unlike Google’s previous updates, this new search algorithm measures changes in real-time. So even if you come to your senses and become mobile friendly now, Google will still boost you up to a higher ranking and put you on the nice list.


But keep in mind. The more you wait, the more customers you’re losing. Time’s ticking. Make friends with mobile now!


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