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5 Great Sites to Follow for Web Design Inspiration

It goes without saying that designers are a creative lot. Having said that, they still need some inspiration when they hit dead ends or to simply keep the motor running. Design galleries and magazines can help them spark discussions, get stubborn ideas out of their heads and on to the screen and improve their design […]

Good design th

Do You Really Need Good Design?

There is always a tug of war between content and design. On one hand, people hold on to content and utility and miss out on the benefits of good design. On the other, they spend a fortune on design and don’t see any returns for it. So does good design really count as much as […]


Best of 2013 – PSD to Responsive HTML5 Blog

2014 is a brand new year and we’re all geared up to publish fresh content aimed to help you out with branding, interaction, usability, graphic design, responsive web development and more. But first, here’s a quick recap of our best (and most popular) content from 2013. We give you our top five blog posts that […]

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PSD to Responsive HTML5 Has Been Featured by Best CSS!

We’d like to announce something awesome. If you head over to the Best CSS gallery right now, you can see the PSD to Responsive HTML5 website featured alongside other brilliant websites like WebChirpy! We’re pleased as punch about the recognition (can you tell?) and we just wanted to let all of you wonderful folks out […]

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Can You A/B Test Responsive Sites?

You know that you need responsive design. But you’ve worked late nights on your website for so long that you’re familiar with all the ins and outs of it. RWD is intriguing, but also a little bit scary because there are so many diverse opinions on it ranging from those who shout about from rooftops […]

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How to Design User-friendly M-Commerce Sites

48% of the time that consumers spend on e-commerce sites is spent on mobile devices. So if you’re planning to roll out a brand new retail site or revamp your existing mobile website, don’t neglect to make sure that you have your user interaction issues sorted out and fixed. Here are a few tips to […]

Branding Mistakes th

5 Branding Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

Branding is what makes your company unique and especially in India. Nano is now being remarketed to the younger generation. Tata made two branding mistakes here: They were selling to the right segment but botched up the brand positioning. They didn’t think of targeting other segments like the younger crowd who can’t afford expensive cars.

Key Elements of Website Design th

The 7 Key Elements of Website Design

Designing for websites is a job that’s constantly evolving. Of course, trends change and new design ideas come out every day, but design can also undergo dramatic changes once in a while. For instance, the growth of mobile usage for browsing the internet has made designers take up

humanize your brand th

10 Simple Ways to Humanize Your Brand and Get Popular

Creating a consistent video ad that Google made for its Indian audience. 3. Reply to tweets, messages and mentions When people take the effort to spread the word about you, the least you can do it is acknowledge it and show them that you appreciate it. Always reply to messages, tweets and mentions as quickly […]

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Do You Really Have to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website?

Many fall into the trap of thinking that because something is good, people will find it. All it takes is one person right? Wrong. You can have a brilliantly designed website with all the right elements in the right places and still have less people know about it than you’d like. The real problem is […]