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Wait, WordPress in my website? I’m fine, no thank you. This was my initial reaction too (if that wasn’t yours, pardon me). The popular and growing trend in business websites is the addition of a new section dedicated solely for blogs. That was probably never on your mind while you were busy coding other important sectors for your [...]
Constructing and maintaining a website is a technology that has evolved greatly over many years. With the number of PC’s, smart phones, tablets and any internet accessible device on the rise, an organization has to maintain a smart looking and functional website for their sales to boost up. So what is the role of WordPress in developing a [...]
Smart phones, tablets and laptops are few of the many devices that are used in this digital century. Recently, Verizon Wireless created a revolution in their advertising methods. Since they wanted to attract the foot traffic to its retail stores, they introduced an onsite program Stop Motion Studio. In this “attraction”, customers were allowed to make short animated [...]
We wrote about web design languages for designers, but there’s more to a successful career in web design than just learning languages and being able to implement that knowledge (although that isn’t is a breeze either!). If you’re truly looking for a great career in web design or web development, you’ll need to start working on these web [...]
Whether you’re just starting out as designer or if you’re a professional, it’s always nice to have your work evaluated objectively. But you have to admit, it’s quite hard to get unbiased feedback on the web and offline. And more than just good feedback, we all feel the need for our work to be viewed and appreciated. A [...]
Bootstrap is a front-end framework with HTML, CSS and Javascript code files for building interfaces. It was initially built by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a way to ensure consistency because before Bootstrap, there was no single collection of code, widget or component libraries that everyone used. And the best part is that Bootstrap is [...]
Consider a typical business scenario. Business owners decide that they need a responsive site. They may have to make their existing site responsive or build a responsive site from scratch. But for some reason they want to make their sites look and work great across multiple devices. It’s a good start. They approach web design and development companies [...]
Often responsive design is pitched solely from the designer’s point of view, so clients end up thinking that waving the responsive wand will magically make everything okay as far as mobile presence is concerned. Earlier on, we talked about why designers should be upfront about the costs involved in going responsive, but we missed one crucial point: it [...]
There is no dearth of creativity when it comes to portfolio websites on the internet, but the basics remain the same.