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4 Simple Ways to Update Your Website

Simple Ways To Update Your Site
If you’ve got a website of your own or one for your business, chances are you’ve heard experts say stuff like-your website is the face of your company, your website is the virtual home you invite your customers into, your website is a 9 legged alien deported from planet klojan. Yes, your website is important. Because just like in real life, people judge your credibility in work based on how attractive they find your website. That’s the way the world works and nobody can change it. But there really is no need for you to invest so much worry, time and money into it to run a profitable business. Your website does need to be current and engaging with newer trends and customers. You know what they say, work smart not hard. So here are 4 simple no fuss methods to update your website to make it more user-friendly and you-friendly so everything still runs smooth without having to revamp your entire website.


You’re not going to change the colours on your site entirely, but enhance them. By enhancement, I mean alter the shades of the exact colour you’re currently using. There are a thousand shades to choose from, a lot even for just one particular hue. By doing this little project, your website will come across as modern, with a new look, while still being yourself. Customers will feel refreshed and interested in your new content and also appreciate the effort that you took to make this new look, which in fact wasn’t that hard for you.


No matter how useful words can be in trying to express yourself or convey an important message, chances are not most of your customers like to read long paragraphs of content. In fact, studies show that internet users have much less attention span than we give credit for. Bottomline is cut down on the messaging. Make it shorter, crispier and smarter. Use icons instead of words for social media button, menu features and interactive features. Focus on headlines to entice visitors and say only what has to be said. Lose the jibber jabber. Your customers will really appreciate it.


Today, a lot of the cool and upcoming kids in the web design industry are using full blown up high definition images for websites and ditching traditional design. Not only is this an easy method to give your website a new polished look, but studies suggest that customers get a real world feeling as superior to the 3D effect when they visit such websites. Background images also add personality to a website. Another toast to smart working!


You want your updated website to give you results. That’s why you need to turn your website as engaging and entertaining as possible. One of the more creative and simpler ways is to attach a custom video to your website. A video will instantly click with visitors and add a great amount of personality to your website. You as a brand or company will connect with your audience on a more emotional level through interactive videos. That’s all folks! Try any or all of these simple methods to update your outdated website and share your results with us in the comments section below!

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